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Celine is at it again – designing a stylish but never-seen-before handbag. It’s called the Celine Scarf Bag and it’s introduced for the Spring 2018 Collection. Scarf Bag? Yes you might have already guessed it – the fashion house turned a scarf into a bag and you will get all the soft and fuzzy advantages. So do you like?

The Design

So what are the most popular scarves right now? Well, the Silk Scarves right? It’s available at Celine, Hermes, Chanel and everyone loves Silk-made Scarves. They’re soft, beautiful and fashionable. Now because of Celine, you can carry your Silk Scarf on your shoulder as a handbag.

Each Silk Scarf Bag is embellished with different beautiful prints, so they’re unique. Choose one that matches to your personality. The top comes with a flat but strong leather strap for hand carry. This leather handle can be removed anytime you want. And you know what? You can also carry it on your shoulder.

So what’s this bag actually made from? It’s 87% from textile and 13% from calfskin. And this Scarf Bag is perfect for the summer. It can be used as an everyday bag, a beach bag and picknick bag. And it’s even more ideal because the Silk is so feminine-soft.

The Interior

So how does the interior look like? It’s pretty obvious right? There is only one compartment, but it’s big enough to store all your personal stuff and more. Because of the silk, it’s also very flexible (but not that you can overstuff it).

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 11’ x 15’ x 8’ inches, priced at $1400 USD, €950 EUR, £880 GBP, $1800 SGD, $11000 HKD, $1750 AUD, ¥150000 JPY, 10000 CNY via Celine boutiques.

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