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Gucci Resort 2020 Bag

Gucci is always fashion forward, but they never surprise us when they send us back to the past. For example, the Gucci Resort 2020 Collection is packed with vintage handbags, take a look at this:

Gucci Resort Bag Preview

It looks like an expensive vintage box from the medieval era. You know, some precious object from an old castle. I love the shape, I adore the architect of the overall look, but it’s a clutch. So perhaps, you can carry it to the ball?

Gucci Resort Bag Preview

Is this a guitar box? Yes it is. For the guitar fans, have you ever thought about getting a high fashion box? If you really have passion in music and you love your guitar (and you have some spare change left), then consider getting one of these classic boxes. It does come with a steep price tag though, or not?

Check out the other handbags below:

Gucci Resort Bag Preview