Are Replica Handbags Better Than The Authentic? Yes, Sometimes They Are!

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Celine Trapeze Bag

I’ve always been proud of my replica handbags, no matter if they were good on bad. From my good shopping experiences, I’ve learned what to expect from replica purses and I’ve come to the conclusion that replicas are good investments.

From my bad experiences with replica handbags sites, I’ve learned to be more understanding and relaxed. But the most important thing was that I’ve gathered enough knowledge and now I can easily spot the differences between authentic and knockoff handbags, I know how real leather looks like, I know how and why it’s treated and many other things.

I have to admit, there were times when I thought I should give up searching for perfect replica handbags and save money to buy the authentic. So I joined a lot of forums, chats and groups where people were commenting about their bag purchase. And I discovered that authentic bags can also be faulty, no matter how much you’ve paid for them.

A few days ago, I was reading some comments on a forum and found something that I thought you must see. A girl, it doesn’t matter her name, bought an authentic Celine Trapeze bag and this is what she received.

Guess how much she paid for this bag? $2450! Guess where she bought the bag from? Bergdorf Goodman! Seeing these pictures, I was like “Yey! My replica handbags are better that this!” On a second thought, this might be a onetime mistake, but I don’t think so. There are numerous complaints on this forum and not only about Celine. Other brands also make mistakes like this and they are more and more often.

Now, why should we buy authentic bags when there’s a chance to receive something like this? Why shouldn’t we buy knockoff handbags when even authentic Celine bags are made in China?

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