Tiffany & Co.: Fall 2017 Campaign

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Which of these 6 personalities can you identify in Tiffany & Co.’s latest Fall 2017 ad campaign? Titled ‘There’s Only One’ , the campaign isn’t about singling out your favourite individual, but rather celebrates each and every one’s individuality and self-expression. Personalities that come from different walks of life bringing forth their creative individuality and signature styles.

Led by Creative Artistic Officer Reed Krakoff, whose creative vision shines through in his very first campaign for the house of Tiffany, and shot by fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh who are famed for their avant-garde portrait shots, each image captures the beauty of the iconic Tiffany & Co. pieces that’s worn on the different personalities.

There’s actress Elle Fanning pulling off multiple Tiffany Keys with utmost ease and style. Then there’s multi-disciplinary actresses and singers Janelle Monae and Zoe Kravitz both showcasing pendants from the Return To Tiffany collection as well as multiple pieces from the latest Tiffany HardWear designs; there are new bracelets, earrings, even stacks of rings.

Moving over to American supermodel Cameron Russell, we see Tiffany Trings and Elsa Peretti’s Diamonds By The Yard, while musician Annie Clark is rocking (quite literally) the Tiffany Victoria. Last but by no means least, the only man in the series, famed dancer David Hallberg attaches the Schlumberger’s Bird On A Rock clip over on his left lapel, proving that Tiffany & Co. is clearly not just for the ladies and often can be worn in the most unexpected of ways.

And as the brand gears up to celebrate 180 years of history, it’s clear why the label famed for its many iconic Tiffany pieces has done well consistently for almost two centuries. Because when it comes to everyone’s go-to for fun and fine jewellery pieces alike, there’s only (this) one.

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Chanel: Living In The Now With The J12 (Part 1)

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Remember that time back in 2014 when Chanel broke all traditions when it came to watch-display codes and launched the L’Instant campaign which focused on the J12’s watch hands not being on the traditional 10:10but rather on 08:10 and 16:30? Clearly showing Chanel’s strength in being bold and taking the first step in showcasing their very special version of time: Time According to Chanel.

Chanel has proved itself in being an industry leader in watchmaking, having won the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve for ‘Best Ladies Watch’ for the Premiere Flying Tourbillon back in 2012. And more recently, over at the Eve’s Watch Awards (a dedicated ladies’ watch awards event) in 2016, Chanel took home the coveted ‘Watch of the Year’ for Chanel’s Boy.Friend, making them the one-to-watch (and quite literally too) when it comes down to you making a choice in selecting a classic timepiece.VIDEO: CHANEL

As Time is something that once lost is irreplaceable, the need to keep track of it could not be more important. Thus, what better way to look chic while having a watch on your wrist that has excellent movement such as the now iconic J12?


The J12 is one watch that has captured the hearts of ladies (along with some boys, of course) with its modern and also timeless good looks. Dressed up or down, when it comes to the J12′s signature colours, you must admit how delightfully swish they look. Available in Black or White,both colours also come in options that are jazzed up with diamonds in place of the time indicators. And speaking of diamonds, the J12 extends further with the Exceptional line – a high jewellery watch collection that goes all out, from featuring tourbillon flying skeleton movements to a glorious excess of diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds.

But before you start your new-found obsession with the J12, always remember this. A watch is about more than just keeping time. It functions as your commitment to Time, being responsible to always being on time, and cherishing time as you live in the now, enjoying every single moment of your life. Are you?

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Scarab Jewels: The Beetles Come to America

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Scarab Jewels

In Ancient Egypt, scarab jewels were all the rage. These amulets were thought to transform your body and soul, so they were especially popular as gifts and grave goods – (seems a little late to be baiting good fortune, but the Egyptians were all about the afterlife). Interestingly enough, these jewels have had a resurgence in popularity since the Middle Eastern uprisings. Even Tory Burch‘s Fall Collection was bejeweled in beetles! For an immediate fix, Perlota has a white gold scarab in the sky necklace . This lucky charm supposedly makes you brave and even fertile. Designer Sophie Bennani Pendleton is all about symbolism (she has a Mars & Venus pendant out for Valentine’s Day) and travel, so the centuries-old beetle fits perfectly into her brand. For a Frugal Snob buy, go for the gold scarab pendant from Minor Obsessions . Luck comes in all sizes and price ranges!

Scarab Jewels

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Gaydamak Black Gold and Diamond Hand Bracelet: Sister Act

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Gaydamak Black Gold and Diamond Hand Bracelet

I love this design duo. Sisters Katia and Sonia Gaydamak started their eponymous jewelry line just a few years ago, but with inspirations like the Belle Epoque and 18th century Russia, their designs call to mind much earlier times. They know how to turn formal styles into elegant, everyday pieces, and there’s no better example of that than this bracelet. Been longing for an occasion to wear a tiara? The sisters show that you don’t have to be Queen Elizabeth to dress like a royal! With this Gaydamak hand bracelet, you get the glam factor of a tiara in a simpler style that you could sport any day of the year. It slides down over your hand, stopping short just above the crease between your thumb and four other fingers. The style is unique in itself, just like a tiara. But instead of seeming like a diva, you’ll come off as the adventurous Jewel Snob! 

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Fabergé Émotion Rings: Emotional High

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Fabergé Émotion Collection

The abundant and impeccable detailing of the Émotion collection is nothing short of a masterpiece worthy of any art collection. Each ring is adorned with 300 gems spilling around all sides in an organic yet decadent cascade. Inspired by the Fauvist art movement in which emotion is expressed using color (Matisse is the most well known Fauvist artist), these rings definitely reflect an elevated emotional state. In fact, “les Fauves” is French for wild beasts. Personally, I’m wild with desire, and I doubt the feeling will abate until I’ve given in to investing. A piece of art you can wear is surely a better investment than one you hang on a wall. And one that reflects your mood is certainly good for the soul. If you need more serenity in your life, sport the calming blue sapphire, or if you’re a hopeless romantic, the pink. After all, why wear your heart on your sleeve when you could put it front and center on your finger in the form of gorgeous, museum-worthy art? Fabergé Émotion rings available in rainbow.

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Aurora Bailey Jewelry: The Story Behind the Stones

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Aurora Bailey Jewelry

You don’t need to be a classically trained fine artist with a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art to design jewelry, but one look at Aurora Diaz Bailey’s creations and there’s no denying her background certainly helps! The Guanajuato-born designer integrates Mexican motifs and textures into both her paintings and her accessories. Her primary inspiration, though, comes from nature, or more specifically, rocks. For that reason, she handpicks each precious and semi-precious gemstone used in her one-of-a-kind pieces, including those in the lovely Tetzo drop earrings and Epyo pearl necklace. Aurora selects them with Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, and Spanish shapes and colors in mind, infusing her own identity into each elegant accessory. Style and substance – doesn’t get any better than that!

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