MMFW | Red and White for Missoni

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Red and white is one of my favourite combo. The class and purity of white matched with the bloody passion of red give birth to a cool fresh look. For sure, really eye-catching and glamgerous.

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2016 It bag has it! Celine 2016 new spring and summer

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Recently, Céline launched a new spring and summer 2016 bags, bags for this love beauty of the women is simply the Gospel ah. And this new Céline up dozens of styles, so many Mimi bags, and Céline so many people sought after, maybe this one has become a hot 2016′s It bag


Céline Nano bag

One bean bag Ken favorite is undoubtedly the only compact Céline smiley package, Why? Because the rate of appearance of this bag ultra-high! Ken beans casual carry out a lot of times it! This is not, shopping Shopping on carrying it ~


Céline Curve bag

French fashion blogger Elina Halimi carry over curved package design hin interesting ah wood there? Like a shovel (embarrassing), but plain, carry out the fashion, the eye-catching ah ~ in fact it, Céline bag minimalist design was able to do a chic alternative, plus the practical level, it has been won the favor of small series. Uh …… No, supermodel is to get the brightest stars of favor, Keke ……


Ever since Combibloc brand Céline 2016 spring and summer new package coming! Xiao Bian think Ha, bags for women, go out every day is indispensable equipment! And Céline this section of the package to give us so much, who is sure to meet different occasions, with the needs of different garment ~ Xiao Bian believe that this bag will certainly be adversely sought after hearing the girl ~

Ten section of the package includes everyone’s favorite bucket bag, saddle bag, Smile bag, there! Various mini bags. Especially the smiley package and bucket bag, to the United States is simply a cry compilation series.


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag


Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag14

Céline 2016 spring and summer new bag

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Celebs Stick with Chanel and Hermès This Week, As Ever

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We’ve Already Spotted Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Pre-Orders from Valentino, Alexander Wang and More

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‘Metallic Silver’ – the bling bling shimmering fashion accessory every girl loves. These mini items fit like gloves inside your handbag. And when you pull them out, they shine like a bright star.

And there is an unexplainable attraction about CC logo ladies. Somehow every city girl knows Chanel and when they spot the Chanel logo on your wallet or your bag, their eyes automatically glance.

Presenting three beautiful Chanel Wallets that are made from metallic calfskin. Is it durable? Yes, calfskin durable but also smooth.

Now, you have three choices – from the tiniest coin purse to the full-option flap wallet. Which one matches your budget and your handbag?

Though the coin purse is the smallest, you can fold the paper money and hide them inside. Small doesn’t mean cheap or cheaper, it’s just more convenient for some people.

And if the flap wallet is too big, choose the Chanel Metallic Small Zipped Wallet. The size is okay; you can store your credit cards inside. That should be enough right?

But the Chanel Metallic Flap Wallet is really the top prize. The interior of this wallet is like inside the paradise – credit card slots, pocket for coins and paper money, even some room for extra items.

So which one would you choose?


Chanel Metallic Chevron Quilted Flap Wallet
Size: 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 1.4’ inches
Style code: A80758
Price: €850 euro


Chanel Metallic Chevron Quilted Coin Purse
Size: 3’ x 4.7’ x 0.8’ inches
Style code: A69271
Price: €380 euro



Chanel Metallic Chevron Small Zipped Wallet
Size: 3.5’ x 6.1’ x 0.8’ inches
Style code: A80481
Price: €575 euro


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