Alexus Bucket Bag

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If you know me, you’ll have figured out that I love my bags structured. Not that I have anything against slouchy and soft, but a structured bag is just more aesthetically pleasing to me. And with that in mind, here’s something from local label Alexus that’s caught my eye.

Crafted in an independent atelier with over 40 years of experience creating leather goods for big luxury brands and smaller designers alike (I’m assuming the bags are made in Italy) and using only premium quality calfskin that’s finished with Swiss-made Riri zips, the 19 cm by 19 cm bucket comes equipped with a top handle, along with a pair of removable slings. Yes, guys, not one, but two slings, one thin, one thick, so you can decide on any given day which one would work better for you (or your outfit).

The best thing? The bucket bag (which comes in two colours, Black and Graphite, by the way) is now priced at USD280 (around SGD383 after conversion). In other words, for something that looks this good and presumably made this well (I haven’t seen it in person so I can’t vouch for it), it’s definitely worth the SGD383 you’ll be spending on it. What’s more, express international shipping is included in the price so you don’t really have a reason not to.

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The Coolest Dang Bucket Bags You Could Ever Be Caught Swinging

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What started as an obsession with the sleek, wear-with-anything crossbody from the likes of Mansur Gavriel and Loewe quickly escalated into a statement-making competition. Now, when ladies shop for bucket bags, they're reaching for the unique — quilted denim, floral embroidery, and pom-pom add-ons all included.

This season's styles aren't meant to blend in, but that's not to say you can't find designs that go with the bulk of your wardrobe. Avant-garde shapes in plain colors are just as eye-catching when they come complete with oversize circular handles or raffia finishes. The satchels we've gathered below aren't typical, but they do appeal to a wide range of styles, which only means one thing: you're about to be swinging a brand-new bag. Go on, meet your match.

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The Trend Of Bucket Bags

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Fashion is going like 200 km per hour, the trends are moving too fast to keep up with. Allow me to clarify, since when is backpack a hot thing? I mean it’s a bag that we used for high school, and how many times did we carry it on our back? But today, the fashion world is filled with endless backpacks, in all kind-of styles. Heck, even Chanel is doing that graffiti thing.

But there is another trend that is going fast lately and you will never guess it, it’s the bucket bag (okay you already read the title!). But anyways, haven’t you noticed lately? Alexander Wang’s newest champagne bucket bag, Saint Laurent Emannuelle Studded Bucket Bag and Proenza Schouler Bucket Bags, they are coming in all corners, you are warned!

They come in different colors, shapes, fringed, elegant, cute, with shiny bling blings, they have become irresistible. And because of all this new trend, we thought you might want to take a personal look at these. Here are a few street snaps, just look how delicious they are.


A few highlight though, Gucci have recently dropped a new line, the diamante bag collection. It features a blue bucket bag with diamond patterns, as you can see on the image – the girl with a red dress and a sky blue bucket bag.

And bucket bags are famous when they are oversized; perhaps that’s why we didn’t know how to appreciate it. But when they are tiny, just like a mini shoulder bag, they can be extremely cute and they are ideal for the summer to wear.







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Gucci Jackie Soft Bucket Bag

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You know when you go shopping and you’re actually searching for a shoulder bag, and then find a tote bag that you really love, only ending up wishing that it was a shoulder bag.

Or similar experience?

That sucks!

Like there is a universal rule for shopping – things that you want, you can’t find. And things that you do not want, it’s everywhere.

But here is the good news; usually when a designer brand knows out that something is working, they will expand the collection with other styles. Like the Gucci Jackie Soft Bag Collection, it stared with an innocent flap bag.

The community loves the Jackie Soft Flap Bag, so for the next season it’s an obvious step to introduce the Jacky Soft Tote.

READ: Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag

The community loves it even more.

And so, we should design a bucket version – the Gucci Jackie Soft Bucket Bag.

Nowadays, the bucket bags are getting popular every day, especially when they are small or medium sized. These bags can store a lot of stuff and they are ideal for any situations like work, weekends or for school.

This bag is designed with two shoulder straps, one made in nylon and the other in suede. It features an attached zippered pouch and the edges are hand-painted. The famous closure in the center is called the ‘piston closure’.

The small size is measured 8.5’ x 10’ x 6’ (W x H x D) inches, priced at $2300 to $2600 USD, €1750 to €2000 euro via Gucci e-store.







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