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Python is a bit pricey, but the feel is different than normal leather. Meet the Chanel Clutch with Chain from the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. Compare it with the Wallet On Chain, but twice the price and twice the luxury. This special handbag is for the important evenings, when you need to dress perfect from top to toe.

Delivered in metallic python, which means it goes beyond the luxury leather. The python leather is boasted with shiny metallic, giving it a bright look. So don’t be surprised when all the attention is on you.

The front is refined with the classic interlocking CC logo and it’s available in two different hardware, depending on the color of the bag. The classic black comes with a ruthenium hardware and the golden version is made with ruthenium black hardware. Both looks stylish and a bit vintage.

Even tough this bag is a clutch; it does come with a long shoulder chain. The beautiful chain looks like a jewelry and be used to carry on your shoulder.

The gold edition has the style code is A91600, the black version has the style code A91598, both are measured 5.1’ x 9.1’ x 2.8’ inches, priced at $4300 USD, €4200 euro, £3730 GBP, $33100 HKD, ¥532440 JPY, ¥32500 CNY via Chanel boutiques.



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Chanel: Living In The Now With The J12 (Part 1)

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Remember that time back in 2014 when Chanel broke all traditions when it came to watch-display codes and launched the L’Instant campaign which focused on the J12’s watch hands not being on the traditional 10:10but rather on 08:10 and 16:30? Clearly showing Chanel’s strength in being bold and taking the first step in showcasing their very special version of time: Time According to Chanel.

Chanel has proved itself in being an industry leader in watchmaking, having won the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve for ‘Best Ladies Watch’ for the Premiere Flying Tourbillon back in 2012. And more recently, over at the Eve’s Watch Awards (a dedicated ladies’ watch awards event) in 2016, Chanel took home the coveted ‘Watch of the Year’ for Chanel’s Boy.Friend, making them the one-to-watch (and quite literally too) when it comes down to you making a choice in selecting a classic timepiece.VIDEO: CHANEL

As Time is something that once lost is irreplaceable, the need to keep track of it could not be more important. Thus, what better way to look chic while having a watch on your wrist that has excellent movement such as the now iconic J12?


The J12 is one watch that has captured the hearts of ladies (along with some boys, of course) with its modern and also timeless good looks. Dressed up or down, when it comes to the J12′s signature colours, you must admit how delightfully swish they look. Available in Black or White,both colours also come in options that are jazzed up with diamonds in place of the time indicators. And speaking of diamonds, the J12 extends further with the Exceptional line – a high jewellery watch collection that goes all out, from featuring tourbillon flying skeleton movements to a glorious excess of diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds.

But before you start your new-found obsession with the J12, always remember this. A watch is about more than just keeping time. It functions as your commitment to Time, being responsible to always being on time, and cherishing time as you live in the now, enjoying every single moment of your life. Are you?

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Chanel F/W16 Peace & Joy Brooches Collection

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I’ll admit it. It’s a slow news day, since most of what I’ll be sharing will only happen from 1 September 2016 when the new season officially kicks in. Still, there’s no harm showing you all a little of what will be available from Chanel in the coming weeks, this assortment of quirky brooches that I’m calling the Peace & Joy (cue peace sign brooches and a pin with the happiest of faces).

Made up of resin, gold metals and metal paved with strass, it’s just what we all need now, especially with what’s going on in the world at the moment. Just more peace, and joy. More details to come.

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Chanel Classic Flap

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The Chanel Classic Flap has been the bag I have been wanting for almost five years now. To say I want the bag might be an understatement. Around twice a year, I would go through a Chanel 2.55 feverish period where I would seriously contemplate about purchasing the bag. I would watch countless number of YouTube videos, read through hundreds of threads and browse through hundreds of Google images. The price of a medium Chanel Flap bag has increased from $   in early 2011 to $   currently (88% increase). I considered purchasing the bag using my summer internship earnings but decided the price tag of $   was crazy. Now five years later, I still constantly ask myself “should I buy the bag”?

Chanel Classic Flap (Chanel 2.55)

 The most popular advice is if you want a Chanel then just go and buy it now. The advice makes sense and certainly would have saved me thousands of dollars; I think you should also consider whether the timing is right. In my opinion, although you may have the money for a Chanel it does not mean you should buy one. Whether you should buy a Chanel is relative to how much savings you have and what other obligations you have. To spend $  K on a bag is different to someone with $  K in savings vs. someone with $  K in savings. It is also different for someone with no financial obligations vs. someone with a mortgage, children and other loans. In general it makes sense to buy a designer bag as soon as possible before ridiculous price increases; however, you should feel 100% comfortable spending that much cash.

Chanel Classic Flap (Chanel 2.55)

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Chanel #FrontRowOnly Resin Brooches

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And this is what happens when Chanel does emojis. More specifically, emoji resin brooches that will be launched with their F/W16 collection, #FrontRowOnly. No word yet on how much they’ll cost or if they’ll even come sold as a set, but one thing’s for sure, there’s something cute yet freaky about them all at once. What say you?

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Okay here is the thing.

Last week we bragged a lot about the new Chanel Quilted Wallet on Chain in Patent that Penny had bought. But at the same time, we were also in doubt: ‘Is it the Chanel Classic Quilted WOC or something else that Chanel had invented’.

Today we got the answer.

It’s both.

Yes! It’s a Chanel WOC, with some elements stolen from the Classic Quilted and a few DNA inherited from the Paris Dallas 2014 Collection.

Basically if you compare it with the Classic Quilted WOC, the shape and the face is almost similar – it’s quilted, it has the CC logo on the front, it has a front flap, the chain is interwoven.

Okay I lied, the CC logo signature is actually much larger than the Classic Quilted WOC. And the leather is shining, it’s in patent and I am certain you will love that too.

What’s up with the CC logo on the front flap? Well, the design is based on the Paris Dallas theme, it got studs embellished and the vintage silver hardware looks like used. It’s perfect if you want a WOC that no one else has. It’s not from the classic collection, once the Paris Dallas 2014 Collection ends, you will probably need to go to Ebay and find a second-handed version.

You want to know more? The picture we post on the top is in dark green. This bag is made from Patent Goatskin and the price is lower than the Classic Quilted WOC, it’s priced at €1260 euro’s.

Measuring 4.9’ x 7.7’ x 1.4’, the style code is A69354. If you need to check out the black version, which is really amazing, then go to our previous post: The Chanel WOC Quilted in Black Patent.

Now let us know how much love?



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