Christian Louboutin Tudor Loubiposh Clutch, Tina Cage Sandals and Tudor Bal Sandals (Left to Right)Christian Louboutin Tudor Loubiposh Clutch, Tina Cage Sandals and Tudor Bal Sandals (Left to Right)

Christian Louboutin serves some super glamorous styles for its fall-winter 2016 collection. Barneys spotlights the new season with a lookbook called, ‘Be Dazzled’. Inspired by 1970’s glam rock, the fall collection features spiked details, rainbow color arrangements and metallic hues. From platform boots to kitten heels, Louboutin hasshoes for every occasion this fall.

Christian Louboutin Trezanita Sandals and Louloudance Suede Platform Sandals (Left to Right)Christian Louboutin Trezanita Sandals and Louloudance Suede Platform Sandals (Left to Right)Christian Louboutin Wavy Ankle BootsChristian Louboutin Wavy Ankle BootsChristian Louboutin Glorymount Leather & Shearling Ankle BootsChristian Louboutin Glorymount Leather & Shearling Ankle BootsChristian Louboutin Sweety Charity Tudor Mini Chain Bag and Galupump Half D’Orsay PumpsChristian Louboutin Sweety Charity Tudor Mini Chain Bag and Galupump Half D’Orsay PumpsChristian Louboutin Goldocross Pumps and Toot Mignonne Sandals (Left to Right)Christian Louboutin Goldocross Pumps and Toot Mignonne Sandals (Left to Right)Christian Louboutin Paloma Clutch and Tiagada Ankle BootsChristian Louboutin Paloma Clutch and Tiagada Ankle BootsChristian Louboutin Pyrabubble Sandals and Ziggoo Sandals (Left to Right)Christian Louboutin Pyrabubble Sandals and Ziggoo Sandals (Left to Right)

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Part of Christian Louboutin’s new inclusive nude collection of footwear is the Deepik pump. The peep-toe d’orsay pump features a signature scalloped vamp and comes with a unique wavy heel. Near the toe is a clear pvc panel that aids the illusion of an asymmetrical toe strap while making the shoe easy to wear.

As of now, the Deepik pump is available only in the brand’s five nude shades, so those longing for a pop of electric color may be disappointed. But the 120 mm New Wave heel and the scallop design are eccentric enough to add a dose quirk to any outfit.
Choose from nude shades ranging in tone from a pale blush to caramel and deep brown. The Deepik can be purchased from the Louboutin website for $995.

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Step away from the safe colors, they are dangerously obvious choice for this season. And add some sensational jungle pattern in your wardrobe, you will need it.

But where to find?

How about… at Christian Louboutin store?

Find the best shoes in the world, meet Christian Louboutin Espadrilles. They are comfortable, stylish and definitely approved by the fashion police.

Take a closer look, there are gold spikes embellished on the sides (not as a weapon, but it can be handy). The spikes are trending and it will enhance your laidback looks wherever you go.

There is one more print – embellished with pumps, the Louboutin style. And of course, for those that want to keep it simple. The Ares Espadrille is also available in white, with white spikes by the way.

Priced at 425 euro, 595 usd or 525 usd, 445 euro for the white version.





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Kylie Jenner Wears Pretty Louboutins to Easter Services

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Here’s Kylie Jenner, attending Easter services at the Kardashian’s preferred place of worship, the California Community Church. Her shoes are Christian Louboutin Impera Lace-Up Pumps, which sold out long ago, although they still occasionally pop up on celeb feet. You can shop a broad selection of Louboutin pumps.

The majority of the Kardashian clan and select Kardashian clan boyfriends and husbands were in attendance for this holiday outing. Kylie’s sister Kendall made headlines for wearing a crop top as part of her Easter Sunday outfit. Regular churchgoers may not be accustomed to seeing a supermodel baring her navel on any given Sunday, but I feel this crop top kerfuffle still rates pretty low, as far as “Kardashian scandals” go.

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Introducing the Christian Louboutin Tribalou Collection

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While many designers are looking ahead to Fall 2015, Christian Louboutin still has lots to offer for spring, like the new Tribalou collection. For the line, Louboutin draws inspiratation from art, patterns and textiles from the Native American culture.

The shoes are full of bright colors, geometric shapes, and even the squiggle heel makes an appearance with a pointed-toe mule. (And yes, of course Mr. Louboutin is even giving thecontroversial mule a try.) It’s a collection that’s colorful, sexy and has Louboutin written all over it.

Christian Louboutin Puebla Sandal
$1,475 via Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Puebla Sandal

Christian Louboutin Azunika Sandal
$1,295 via Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Azunika Sandal

Christian Louboutin Azuniraco Sandal
$1,345 via Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Azuniraco Sandal

Christian Louboutin Vagachina Mule Sandal
$1,245 via Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Vagachina Mule Sandal

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Christian Louboutin Valentine Shoes

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We can never get enough shoes, and we want to the best of the best for our closet. If you need heels and heart for the Valentine, just go for a visit at Christian Louboutin boutique.


Exclusive for the Valentine Day, Louboutin releases a series of new pumps and flats. Take a closer look at the Cora Front Flats (also available in pumps), it’s heart-inspired and kind-of mixed with the brand’s classic – black shoes with red sole. Your big heart on the toe is noticeable, how can anyone miss?


The Christian Louboutin Cora Glitter Pumps is where you wear your heart on your shoes in this season. In super-cute and sweet pink PVC heart that rests on the arch of the foot. With mini glitter all over it plus the red-sole provide a touch of feminine for the summer look.

Check out Christian Louboutin e-store for more accessories.




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