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Coach x Selena Gomez CollectionCoach x Selena Gomez is here!

It’s finally here! The limited-edition Coach and Selena Gomezcollaboration arrived online for pre-order. With eleven different accessories designed by the pop singer, you can choose from a handbag, wristlet, bag charms or ID case. Standing out from the collection is the ‘Selena Grace’ bag. Made of smooth leather and suede, the bag features Selena’s handwriting for a personalized touch. 


Coach x Selena Gomez Selena Grace Bag in Red $395Coach x Selena Gomez ‘Selena Grace’ Bag in Red $395
Stand out with a red leather bag featuring an embossed hand tag and a heart charm detail.Coach x Selena Gomez Selena Mini Skinny ID Case $55Coach x Selena Gomez ‘Selena’ Mini Skinny ID Case $55
This compact ID case comes in calf leather. It’s perfect for your cards and other essentials.Coach x Selena Gomez Selena Wristlet 19 $150Coach x Selena Gomez ‘Selena’ Wristlet 19 $150
A limited-edition wristlet features a personalized hang tag in Selena Gomez’s writing.Coach x Selena Gomez Selena Star Bag Charm $50Coach x Selena Gomez ‘Selena’ Star Bag Charm $50
Decorate your bag with a star-shaped charm that reads: ‘love yourself first’.Coach x Selena Gomez 'Selena Grace' Bag in Light Gold $395Coach x Selena Gomez ‘Selena Grace’ Bag in Light Gold $395
This limited-edition bag comes in light gold leather with the message: ‘to be you is to be strong’.Coach x Selena Gomez 'Selena' Heart Bag Charm $50Coach x Selena Gomez ‘Selena’ Heart Bag Charm $50
A heart-shaped charm includes studded details as well as the saying: ‘love yourself first’.

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Coach 1941's Fall 2017 campaign. Photo: Steven Meisel/Coach

Coach 1941's Fall 2017 campaign. Photo: Steven Meisel/Coach

Coach only began its top-to-bottom, high-gloss revamp two years ago, but in just a few short seasons, the brand has established itself as one of the coolest labels on the New York Fashion Week calendar. The house, now headed up by Givenchy and Louis Vuitton alum Stuart Vevers, has pulled out all the stops, from partnering with Instagram royalty to holding the buzziest fashion partiesin New York City. 

Coach is a staid mall brand no more, and nowhere is that ascension more prevalent than its ad campaigns. Just last week, the label revealed a first look at its Fall 2017 campaign featuring house face Selena Gomez in the blush-toned leather interior of a 1976 Plymouth Fury. The shots were glamorous and yet attainably all-American, which may just be the most effective way to describe Coach's new messaging.

And on Tuesday, Coach revealed the remainder of Coach 1941's Fall 2017 campaign, which a release described as being "an ode to New York, the city Coach has always called home." Photographed by brand favorite Steven Meisel, the ads were shot in a Brooklyn on an authentic vintage subway car — and these days, what's more authentically New York than being stuck in the subway? 

The campaign shows models Imari Karanja, He Cong, Kiki Willems, Faretta, Hiandra Martinez and Oscar Kindelan as "a band of friends en route to their next adventure," embodying "a lightness of spirit and the limitless possibility of the city — with a nostalgic nod to the 1970s." This vintage aesthetic was plucked straight from the brand's Fall 2017 collection, pieces from which juxtaposed "the romance of the great American outdoors with early New York hip-hop."

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Before you zap away, listen to what we’ve to say first:

‘This bag is priced at for $358 USD, but we managed to find a few on sales.

And now listen to what people have to say:

JJSchetting: ‘I received my Madison Small Phoebe bag in the caramel yesterday. When I opened the package I was instantly in love. I wore it to work and barely made it into the building before receiving complements’.

Lost4Code: ‘This Coach handbag has all the components needed to be the perfect everyday handbag. It’s just the right size to fit a make-up bag, tissues, sunglasses, mini hand lotion, keys and a secure zipped middle compartment for my wallet and check book. The quality of the leather is outstanding and durable’.

Supercat: ‘I absolutely LOVE this bag. I just bought it in the sea foam to add to the other three colors I already have it in. The leather is beautiful…soft and light… but still durable’.

And now the details: the Phoebe Madison Shoulder Bag is one of Coach’s biggest secrets, this bag is simple yet durable and above all – ‘timeless’.

Crafted in hand-work Italian leather, the small version is more compact and has the same supple drape as the original one (the popular Coach Phoebe Shoulder Bag in medium size). With custom built hardware, beautifully organized interior and the handles sit perfectly on your shoulder.

Which fashionista is qualified to walk away with this bag? First, for those who are on the ban island, but still want to spend a little over the budget to satisfy their hunger.

Then if you love functional bags – the Phoebe Shoulder has easy outer pockets to hold your phone, keys, work ID and so on. You can secure your wallet and check book in the center zippered pocket.

And if you appreciate good leather – this bag is durable, not easy to get scratched and it holds shape. It has beautiful lining and it comes in so-many colors that even the rainbow can’t compete.

Measuring 13,5’ x 11,5’ x 5,75’ (L x H x W), priced at $250 USD at Zappos.



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Chloe Grace Moretz Looks Festival Ready in New Coach Ads

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Chloe Grace Moretz poses with the Swagger bag in Coach's spring 2016 campaignChloe Grace Moretz poses with the Swagger bag in Coach’s spring 2016 campaign

Chloe Grace Moretz is back as the face of Coach for the brand’s spring-summer 2016 campaign. Posing for Mikael Jansson in an open field along with a cute pup, the actress looks Coachella ready in bohemian inspired prints and colorful bags. Featured prominently in the campaign is the Swagger 27 in a monotone and color-blocked version.

Related: Coach Gives Boho Vibes with its Spring ’16 Campaign


An image from Coach's spring 2016 campaign starring Chloe Grace MoretzAn image from Coach’s spring 2016 campaign starring Chloe Grace MoretzChloe Grace Moretz stars in Coach's spring-summer 2016 campaignChloe Grace Moretz stars in Coach’s spring-summer 2016 campaign


Chloe Grace Moretz for Coach Dreamers 2015 campaignChloe Grace Moretz for Coach Dreamers 2015 campaign

Back in 2015, Chloe Grace landed her first major fashion campaign which she was featured in the spring 2015 Coach Dreamers advertisements. Creative director Stuart Vevers said about the images, “The Coach Dreamers are passionate, creative individuals with original talent who lead their lives in an individual, unexpected way. Chloe’s free-spirited attitude and spontaneity makes her a perfect incarnation of the Coach spring 15 girl.”

Chloe Grace Moretz for Coach Dreamers 2015 campaignChloe Grace Moretz for Coach Dreamers 2015 campaign


Coach Swagger 27 Color Block Bag

Coach Swagger 27 Color Block BagCoach Nolita Floral Print Pebble Leather Bag

Coach Nolita Floral Print Pebble Leather BagCoach Swagger 27 Patchwork Exotic Print

Coach Swagger 27 Patchwork Exotic PrintCoach Nomad Crossbody Bag with Exotic Print Leather

Coach Nomad Crossbody Bag with Exotic Print Leather

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How To Spot A Coach Knockoff Handbag From Home

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Telling how to spot a Coach knockoff handbag is probably the easiest thing to do. I bet your next question is why. Well, in today’s article, I’m going to tell and show you what to look for when buying a Coach purse replica.

Coach knockoff handbag

Coach knockoff handbag

But first, let me tell you a bit more about the brand. Coach has been in this business for years now, opening outlet stores everywhere and offering the opportunity to buy their handbags online. Another great thing is that they’ve changed their website about a year ago and now you can zoom in and see even the tiniest detail of a bag.

If you make a quick google search on how to spot a Coach knockoff handbag you will find tons on information, useful or sometimes confusing. But Coach handbags have a few unique features that make it easy to tell if you’re looking at a Coach bag replica or an authentic.

So if you ever want to buy a Coach handbag replica or an authentic here are some quick tell-tale signs to keep you on the right path.

  • Coach is known for making sturdy handbags so if you see signs of weak or flimsy material (leather or canvas) walk away
  • Check the canvas, stitching, lining, the famous Coach pattern and color. These are important features when buying a bag, no matter if it’s a Coach purse replica or authentic.
  • Check the hardware; it should be a bit heavy and it shouldn’t come off if pried.
  • Check the buckles. Do they work correctly, are they coming loose? If so, walk away!

But things get harder if you’re buying Coach handbags online, since you don’t have the luxury of holding the bag is your hand. Don’t worry, I have the solution for this situation too  Here is what you need to know and check:

Did You Know That Even Authentic Coach Bags Are Made In China

I’m serious! Authentic Coach bags are made in China, same as Tory Burch bags. So if you even come across a bag with a tag that says “made in China” don’t walk away.

The Coach Pattern – How Many C’s?

Fake Coach Madison Phoebe Shoulder Bag

Fake Coach Madison Phoebe Shoulder Bag

Same as the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas or the Gucci Monogram Canvas, the Coach pattern is also one of the most famous and replicated designs. The problem is that most of the people think they know how it looks like and end up with a terrible Coach knockoff handbag. But the rule is simple – if a bag has a pattern with a single C on each row, walk away! It’s an obvious fake! There should always be two C’s on a pattern, rotated between vertical and horizontal. Another important feature is the CC should be connected at the serif.

The Importance Of The Dust Bag

authentic Coach dust bag

authentic Coach dust bag

If you ask me, I would say that it doesn’t mean a thing. Of course it’s nice to have good dust bag for each bag, no matter the brand but that’s it! I never worry about its look or authenticity. But since there are many girls interested in this aspect, I decided to clear things out. Coach bags always come in brown dust bags with red drawstring and stitching. Unless you’re buying small accessories – then the dust bag should be white with red a red Coach logo on the bottom right hand corner.

Coach Tags – What Do You Need Them For?

Ok, I get the idea! You need a beautiful purse or a perfect Coach purse replica! But it makes no sense to worry about the tags. What do you need them for anyway? I’m not here to judge, on the contrary, I’m here to help, so here is how the Coach tags should look like.

Authentic leather Coach tags

Authentic leather Coach tags

But like I always say, it also depends on the model and the year. You can find Coach tags both in metal or leather but make sure the letters are perfectly centered and the stitching is straight.

The Coach Creed Patch – Or Simply Put, The Serial Number Leather Tab

Authentic Coach Creed Patch

Authentic Coach Creed Patch

You can find this creed patch inside any Coach bag, no matter the manufacturing year. What it does matter is the looks and the way the serial number is embossed. Newer bags have the serial number printed on this creed patch while older models have it embossed into the leather.

The paragraph should be in all capital letters, the serial number should start with “No” (for #). The serial code should have 2 letters, 2 numbers, a dash and 4 or 5 more numbers, depending on the model.

I think that’s about all. But like I said, there are tons of information on how to spot a Coach Knockoff handbag and these guides can also help you choose a good Coach purse replica.

Read more replica site reviews to find out where to get the best Coach replica handbags. If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the comment section below or send me an email.

Good luck, and smart shopping!

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Yes, There are Giant Animal Heads in Coach’s New In-Store Campaign

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Coach Wild Things Animal Head Campaign

As we all know, Coach is in the middle of a rebranding effort to make itself palatable to a more discerning, higher-spending clientele, and it looks like that transition has now begun in earnest. Although Stuart Vevers’ first Coach collection has yet to start arriving in stores, the brand’sextremely slick ad campaign has already made the rounds, and now we have our first glimpse at the brand’s first in-store installation under its new creative director. It involves giant animal heads.

There’s a lot to love in this campaign–which was shot in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn and includes the images on the site, in-store displays and a short film directed by James Lima–especially if you went through a Donnie Darko phase. When I showed it to the rest of the PurseBlog team and a few friends in the industry to get their initial reactions, they were almost overwhelmingly positive; sure, it’s weird, but it’s weird in a way that you’d never expect of Coach, all while keeping with some of the stylized New York-ness that has characterized much of the company’s branding in recent years. It’s Coach on mescaline.

Perhaps my favorite part of this, which is termed a “window campaign” by the brand, is how matter-of-fact it is. It’s not self-conscious of its giant animal heads, which include a horse, a rabbit and a bird in bright colors. Instead, the models wearing them are filmed and photographed doing the mundanely high-end tasks that contemporary-luxury campaigns often depict, like going to coffee shops and perusing record stores. It’s like Coach is daring you to ask what’s going on with the rabbit and her buddies.

Check out a few screen shots from the film below, and to check out the full thing (plus Coach’s new arrivals), head over to now.

Coach Wild Things 2Coach Wild Things 3Coach Wild Things 4

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