Gucci S/S17 Gothic Fan

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If there’s only one thing you want from your luxury brand to be Made In China, it has got be these oriental fans from Gucci, because truthfully, you can’t expect an Italian craftsman to be making something Asians do best, right? The accessory of choice in ancient China, today it is theaccessory du jour as far as Gucci is concerned, quite evident as they wafted down the runway during the Italian house’s Spring-Summer 2017 presentation.

And because old is new again, or in this case, old is cool again, Alessandro Michele sought out skilful artisans well-versed in the art of traditional fan making and had them create a selection made up of silk supported with a carved wooden handle. Emblazoned with gothic fonts with words like Gucci and Modern on either side (another says Loved, by the way), these collectible art pieces are now available in Singapore at Gucci boutiques where they are priced at SGD570 each.

If there’s one thing admirable to note about this exercise, it’s Michele’s quest to continually fan the flames of artisanal crafts and keep them alive, where a portable USB fan is de rigueur in today’s day and age. USB fan, no. Hand-crafted silk fan, yes.

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Bagaholicboy Kate Moss Fronts Gucci’s New Digital Film

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bbn271_gucci1You’ve just seen her locked in an embrace promoting a new fragrance last week. She’s now back to front Gucci’s new digital film celebrating the Italian house’s bag-of-the-season, the Jackie Soft collection. Yes, Kate Moss is back (and looking better than ever, if I might add), with the Jackie Bag slung over her shoulder as she gets chased and papped by photographers, alongside male model Clement Chabernaud who’s part-manager, part-bodyguard and all hot in this short film.

A tribute of sorts to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who was often seen with the original Jackie slung over her shoulder, and was frequently papped herself, the digital film sees the coming together of the two icons, the new Jackie Soft collection that’s better than ever, and of course, the legend herself, Kate Moss.

Click here to watch the teaser vid on Instagram, or just watch the full video here, and when you’re done, you should also check out this post detailing the new Jackie Softcollection and its different styles, from the shoulder-slung hobo to the smaller but no less chic shoulder sling bag.

bbn271_gucci3And just in case you’re wondering what the Jackie Soft collection is all about, just imagine this. No monograms, no Bamboo (not that I mind), on a collection of bags that’s made from buttery soft supple leather in pastels that no woman can’t love. Really.

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Gucci Bright Diamante Collection

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gucci_bright-diamante-collection5Those of you following my exploits lately on Instagram and on Facebook would have seen snapshot after snapshot of Gucci’s new Bright Diamante collection over the past 6 days. Tasked by Gucci to showcase, and quite literally of course, their brightest and the best, I’ve spent many days with said bags, scouting for locations around Singapore and trying to style them to my best of abilities, which you can enjoy here, or here.

And because it’s an occupational hazard of mine to inspect every bag that passes through my hands with the utmost scrutiny, I can safely say that for what it’s retailing at, most everyone will find something they can afford, and love, from the Bright Diamante collection.

Drawing inspiration from the original Diamante that was first launched in the 1930s, the diamond pattern has since become a Gucci signature, used all the way to the 1950s till Creative Director Frida Giannini rediscovered it in the archives and the rest, as they say, is history.

gucci_bright-diamante-collection6Comprising a huge collection of most everything for both men and women, you’ll find bags for both sexes, a huge selection of small leather goods (from purses to wallets and even a couple of clutches) and even shoes, from loafers to hi-top sneakers. But back to the bags proper, and having spent so much time with them, here are some points you’ll want to know if you’re planning to get something from this collection.

Most all the bags are extremely lightweight, and because they are made of heat-embossed calfskin leather, they are also very durable, with the ability to fend off accidental scuffs with ease. Having liquids splashed on the exterior won’t be an issue either; just do a quick wipe down and everything will be as good as new.

And because there’s really no point being big on form if there’s no function, most of the bags from the Bright Diamante collection come with enough pockets both big and small to please even those who are most obsessed with organisation.

gucci_bright-diamante-collection8My favourites from the collection? Obviously the ones I picked to shoot for my little project with Gucci, which includes the Bowling Bag in both sizes (SGD2400 andSGD2650 respectively), the Bucket which retails for SGD1900, the roomier Top Handle(SGD2650) that’s great for those who need the additional space, the sassy long rectangular Clutch that’s great for both day and night (SGD1620, click here for the snapshot) and last but not least, the Duffle Bag (SGD3250) for the boys that’s great as a work/gym bag, or as a weekend duffle that will work great as a carry-on as well.

gucci_bright-diamante-collection7And then there are these, the very desirable cabin-sized hard-sided trunks that are just simply drool-worthy. Available now at all Gucci boutiques in Singapore, you can check out the full collection in all their technicolour glory.

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Gucci’s Alessandro Michele Launches Capsule Collection for Net-a-Porter


Alessandro Michele has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to Gucci, ever since he took on the role of creative director back in the beginning of 2015. From the beginning of his stint, Gucci clothes have been flying off the rack, as the luxury label was able to reach a whole new stream of consumers. The next act in Alessandro Michele’s venture for the brand is creating a capsule Gucci collection that will be available only on Net-A-Porter, and we have no doubt that this line will continue the trends of any of his others.

Gucci's Alessandro Michele Launches Capsule Collection for Net-a-Porter

We know the Gucci for Net-a-Porter 2016 capsule collection will consist of 20 pieces, and we know it will become available beginning on May 12; once that time hits, customers will be able to snag up a slew of ready-to-wear garments, shoes, and accessories. For the most part, things have remained under wraps, as far as what types of looks we can expect to see. But WWD reported that some of the pieces will be recreated interpretations of some of Gucci’s “greatest hits”, if you will. For instance, the classic Dionysus bag will be revitalized in this line, as will the Ace trainers. These styles will be familiar to us, but elements within the pieces will be brought in from some of the label’s best conceptions, like the signature birds that we so often see in association with his work, and his successful heron print will be reconfigured and placed on a neoprene sweatshirt. For more specifics, we’ll just have to wait, but when there is a lot of hype from the inside, it’s hard not to get excited as well.

“Our customer cannot seem to get enough of Gucci,” said Alison Loehnis, the president of Net-A-Porter and Mr. Porter. Such a statement can be said about many other walks of fashion life – it’s hard to get enough of Gucci, so it’s just a relief there has been such a constant flow of chic output! “Working on the exclusive project has been a thrill and we’re incredibly excited to be launching this global first on Net-A-Porter. Alessandro has an immense talent and vision and as we’ve come to expect from him, the collection is exquisite.”

For now, we should be content knowing someone who holds Michele to such high expectations is more than happy with the collection. May 12 will be the day to look forward to, when we can see all of the looks on the Net-A-Porter interface, and behold the latest conception that the designer has construed for the renowned luxury label.

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This stylish Sylvie leather shoulder bag from Gucci surely reminds us of a classic fair lady with a distinct class and a high caliber taste when it comes to fashion.

Take a look at it and you’ll surely agree that this is the kind of bag that iconic women such as Audrey Hepburn would take with her on a fine Sunday afternoon to meet up with friends and enjoy a classic yet fun English tea session with the finest macarons, eclairs, cream puffs and lemon tarts. Perfect to bring at special occasions or even during ordinary days, the Sylvie leather shoulder bag is a sure pick-me-upper that could brighten up any outfit.

Made from the most genuine leather with Camel microfiber lining with a suede-like finish, with nylon web detail with metal chain and buckle for that added sophistication, has interior open and smartphone pockets for easy access compartments, topped off with a two interchangeable straps, one in off-white leather while the other one is in off-white/blue/red ribbon, this bag is a definite must in any woman’s list. It comes in three different colors that you can choose from: off-white, hibiscus red and black leather. It has the following dimensions: 25.5 x 17 x 8 cm (W x H x L) and retails for $2490 USD or €1980 euro via Gucci boutique.






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Cruise 2016 Womens Gucci Bags

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There’s no denying how ethereally beautiful Alessandro Michele’s Cruise 2016 collection for Gucci is, what with the lineup of pussy-bow blouses, pleated skirts and the frilliest of chiffon dresses in the most faded of pastel hues, decorated with embroidery, lace and all things nice. Yes, it’s like your little girl playing princess dress-up, albeit one that’s definitely more Margot than Margaret.

While the RTW can be described as ‘soft’, the accessories, from bags to shoes to jewellery are decidedly ‘hard’, all statement pieces in their own right from metallic leather booties to heirloom-inspired rings all depicting creatures of mythology. And then there are the bags that range from over-the-top feminine to a modern piece with antiqued details and a tote that’s actually unisex, because in Michele’s imagined world of Gucci, the girls and boys do dress somewhat alike.


First up, the Dionysus, which you first saw from the Italian house’s F/W15 collection. Whilst the first versions come almost entirely in GG Supreme Canvas with contrasting suede interiors (or emblazoned with a bee or a snake), this one for Cruise 2016 comes made entirely of leather, with Blooms (that’s Gucci-speak for the geranium floral Michele is so fond of) printed onto the leather. Available in Emerald Green orRuby Red, the Dionysus Blooms bags are sized 30 cm across by 21 cm (a smaller one comes in at 28 cm by 17 cm), a good size for a city bag for one on the go.


If that, however, is much too subdued for you (I did say the bags were all statement pieces in their own right), how about the Dionysus Arabesque? The detailed design is first cut out of leather before it is sewn onto the GG Supreme Canvas for a bag that’s not only a guaranteed head-turner but one that would work well with any modern minimalist outfit as well. Besides the Black, there’s also another in Hibiscus Red that I do think is perfect given the seasonal festivities that are coming up soon.

Next, there’s a full leather sling that while is pretty simple looking, comes detailed with a tiger head clasp that must be derived from another antique that inspired Michele. Available in solid hues or dual-tones, which I have a snapshot of over on Instagram.


Last but not least, the unisex leather tote from Gucci’s Cruise 2016 collection that I absolutely love. Available in a variety of sizes (the ones above are described as XL and measures 35.5 cm wide by 38 cm in height), I know that the smaller ones do come with an extra shoulder sling, which instantly makes it even more useful as a messenger of sorts.

While I don’t have the full list of prices yet, these bags (along with the RTW, shoes and accessories) have gradually started appearing on Gucci’s shelves in Singapore, so either stay tuned for more updates here or head down to Gucci’s boutiques at Marina Bay Sands, Ngee Ann City and Paragon and have a look for yourself. But let no one touch the large leather tote in Black, it has my name written all over it.

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