Summer Style Trend Alert: Straw Handbags

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Summer Style Trend- Straw Handbags

It’s that time of the year again- Summer Style Trend Alert! Straw bags are back..

Do you know what I love about the warmer months? They have this way of inviting casual styles to take their place in the spotlight. One of my favorite so-called trends that support that casual summer vibe is the straw handbag. Can you blame me though? Nothing is as airy or as laid back as a great straw bag! My only regret is that straw handbags tend to not hold up very well to the wear and tear of summer fun. That is why I try not to invest too much money into this style. That way, if my straw handbag starts looking a little ratty, the thought of tossing it out isn’t as heart wrenching as a more expensive style would be. Below you will find some straw handbags that seem to fit the bill.

Loeffler Randall Straw Lock Clutch 
Summer Style Trend Pick: Loeffler Randall Straw Lock Clutch. $295
Clutch and go! Who says a straw handbags has to be large? A straw slouchy clutch can be pretty darn sweet. Which is why I love this Loeffler Randall Straw Lock Clutch. It offers an eclectic mix variation in texture by pairing straw with leather.

Clare V. Maison Kenya Bag 
Summer Style Trend Pick: Clare V. Maison Kenya Bag. $199
Weekend adventure or planning on hitting the beach soon? The Clare V. Maison Kenya Bag has you covered! Black and white straw not only has a summery feel, it is also somewhat sophisticated. I love the two-tone contrasting brown leather straps and matching detachable zip pouch.

Bop Basics Raffia Slouchy Tote 
Summer Style Trend Pick: Bop Basics Raffia Slouchy Tote. $130
The ultimate summer adventure tote. Shopbop’s Bop Bascis Raffia Slouchy Tote is simple, slouchy, and inexpensive. What more could a girl ask for? The earthy tones found in this straw tote are great too.

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